Silke Mager


Born on January 1, 1972 in Stetten near Rottweil, I have been enthusiastic about all things creative or musical from very early on. My interest in painting intensified during my adolescence, and I spent a great deal of my free time painting anything that seemed beautiful to me.
After graduating from the Gymnasium with a major in fine arts, I continued to dedicate my time to painting in addition to raising my children (three by now).
My favorite techniques are watercolor and oil. My art has remained predominantly concrete and has been successfully exhibited in Rottweil, Elzach, Zimmern and other places.
The general motto of my paintings could be said to be "painting is music to the eye", i.e. they are intended to be beautiful and to have a specific, often calming, peaceful effect on the viewer.
Let yourself be enchanted!

Copyright by Silke Mager 2002

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Silke Mager
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