Miscellaneous stuff is yet to be written (the writing of it is on the wall, though). Check out some of the links below for fun.

C r a z y C o u n t e r

Good luck charm - used to be my own (now defunct) "Clover" computer brand. R.I.P.

By the way:

These pages were originally put together with Corel WordPerfect 7.0. I've been a WordPerfect fan since version 3.something way back when (probably earlier than any of you can remember pounding on a computer keyboard). It was the best back then and still is better in many ways than the Gates competition.

Thank God cars are not like word processors; otherwise everybody would be driving a Microsoft nowadays and our roads would be full of crashes. It would also be necessary to buy a new road every other year or so just to keep up some speed.


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