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Peter Altenberg (Austria)

  • Two short stories
  • Oskar Back (USA)

  • The Best Minds of My G-g-g-g-generation: An Evening with Gregory Corso and Allen Ginsberg
  • Johannes Beilharz (Germany)

  • Caught in conversation
  • Lemuel Potter, distant cousin - the story of »Hairy« Potter
  • The hexagon - a tale of the future
  • Green clear balls - a surreal story
  • Relation - an almost real borrowed story
  • X. - sort of a spy story parody
  • On the train - a more or less philosophical story
  • Somewhere near Teec Nos Pos
  • Caught in conversation NEW
  • The red desert NEW
  • Bio
  • Leonard Blumfeld

  • Blumfeld interviewed by Psychotic News
  • Cipation
  • Donnie and Geronimo, youthful warriors
  • Forbidden  
  • In a dark monster of a building - a flash story
  • Memoir of a reading arranged by a cowbird
  • My nights without you  
  • Mysterious parallel bounce
  • Pigeon TV
  • She's been misunderstood
  • So grave
  • The master of archideas
  • Transformation
  • Try this – a sensually tantalizing flash love story  
  • Unwritten love letter  
  • Up the creek without a paddle
  • Zapping the remote control - historical flashes
  • Richard Brautigan

  • Pounding at the gates of American literature - excerpt
  • Edmund Cardoni (USA)

  • Bryon - a short prose piece
  • Normandi Ellis (USA)

  • The Egyptian Book of the Dead - excerpts from Normandi Ellis' translation
  • Manfred Kyber (Germany)

  • His Great Moment - a short story
  • Niebla

  • A dream of fire and air
  • An interpretation
  • A trip to Ruby City
  • A visit to the novelty store
  • Dramatic relationship
  • Evasions
  • Far from Darfur
  • Hell hath no fury  
  • Jeweled letter  
  • Latter-day variant of an older story
  • Leonine
  • Ms. Literate speaks
  • My kind of girl (a not so nice story)
  • Oh wonder  
  • Poses at Hopi Point  
  • She walked with a mysterious bounce (an abbreviated Iliad)
  • Spidery webs
  • The end of a flight  
  • Travelers in Atlantis - a glimpse
  • What to do?
  • White chamber (a ghost story)  
  • Who else I might have been
  • Fernando Sorrentino

  • There's a Man in the Habit of Hitting Me on the Head with an Umbrella
  • Surendra Sparsh

  • He acted like God come down to earth - a flash story
  • A desert dream
  • James Steerforth

  • A dark flight
  • A difficult kind of dance  
  • A few seconds in the mind of Cinzia
  • A fun-packed evening with Claude
  • A mere dalliance
  • A mother's words for her 388 year-old son
  • An intergalactic messenger in search of Camelot
  • Approximately seven minutes about men and women  
  • Back home
  • Bear  
  • Better late than never?  
  • Bodo Spangles caught in the tangles of bureaucracy in 2509
  • Complaint of Vilemir Putanin, seasoned dictator and cleptocrat NEW
  • Expropriation
  • Ferociously unfounded
  • Fleeting gifts
  • Hiatus
  • Holly Brown's lonely life  
  • House warming
  • Identification of objects in historical grave treasure near end
  • Inappropriate  
  • It is written that
  • Jolt, Ribbon and Zeal (or: The rules of cohabitation)
  • Love, at long last, visits two lonely hearts
  • Love, lust and madness at Twilight Manor
  • Katherine and I used to be lovers
  • Letter to Crazy Mama from her son Luke C. Whead
  • Maligned
  • Mirror to the sky
  • Mixed drinks - a flash story
  • Mysterious parallel bounce
  • Natalie Spacey must go shopping
  • Oh what to do...
  • One visit for every key
  • Out in space in some future
  • Out of this world
  • Parting shot
  • Persistent callous interference
  • Sadness and happiness  
  • Seriously, Dave – a borrowed dialog
  • Stripease NEW
  • The other inhabitants move in
  • The picture of my heart
  • The significance of things and events
  • The wishbone
  • Tell me about something that will stay forever  
  • This place
  • To avoid or not to avoid  
  • Twilight in the garden  
  • You can be damn sure NEW
  • Robert Steiner

  • My Asian Frontier - poetic prose
  • Elizabeth Sugrue

  • My birthday party - an ultrashort story
  • Vivek Tandon (India)

  • Maddened by a Thread - excerpt from a novella
  • Book recommendation

    Best of Meme

    Among the authors of the poems and flash stories assembled in this anthology are James Steerforth, Leonard Blumfeld, Niebla, Surendra Sparsh, Iself and Felix Morgenstern.

    These miniatures, which range from humorous to deadpan, satirical to whimsical and spiritual to only beautiful,  are the result of the author's participation in various so-called memes – also referred to as writing or art prompts – in the English-language literary and art blog world in 2007 and 2008.

    2008, paperback, 52 pages, $8.95 / £4.50 / €7.99. 
    ISBN: 978-1-6048-1364-7. 
    Can be ordered directly from Wordclay, the publisher, or from any bookstore or online bookstore, e.g. Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany.


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    Six sentences - what can you say in six sentences?

    Lyrics - an eclectic collection of song lyrics NEW

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