What to do here

While I am a relatively open kind of guy, there are some things I definitely do not like, e.g. Microsoft, greed, intolerance, religious zeal, racism, ethnic cleansing and some things along those lines.

Some of my favorite passtimes are:

Having rambled on about all this, I wish to encourage you to dump everything here that might touch on the above-mentioned categories, e.g. your opinions, poetic outpourings, art, musings on books you've read or movies that have impressed you.

I have some foggy plans for compiling a collection of high-quality, state-of-the-art poetry (please do not post syrup) for publication on the net or, better yet, on the real stuff - paper.

I have partially implemented these plans at my GeoCities site, which features poetry, short fiction, poetry in translation and art by myself and others, so far in English and German.

Please take a look at what's available now by clicking on this banner:



Last updated on 17.05.03 by Johannes Beilharz